Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WTF Files: V-nasty Really Thinks She Can Drop The N-bomb??!?!

See, this is what happens when careless black folks let ish slide. I don't care where and how a white person grows up, the n-word should never come out of their mouth. This V-nasty girl claims she's from the hood, grew up around black people and all that then she should understand the origins of that word, and the atrocities that went on while that word was in use by racist people. Of course I'm gonna get the question asking why is it okay for blacks to use it? Truthfully, the n-word in any of the ways it's expressed; nigga, nukka, etc., is the same old poision as the word it's derived from- nigger; but, here's the difference. Think of your close family. There are certain ways you might play with each other that are cool between family members, but not so cool for outsiders to do. The n-word is the same way like it or not.

(more of my rant after the video)

You may hear some black people say well the word 'nigga' doesn't mean the same thing as 'nigger', but in all reality, they're the same. Look people, poision is poision, the only difference between the two words is one is poision straight no chaser and the other is wrapped up in little bells and whistles. Think about this....

Suppose we wanted to kill a rat. If we used rat poision by itself would it kill the rat? Ok course....what if we dressed the poision up with some nice peanut butter, and a nice saltine cracker? Would it still the rat? Of course you say. If I were to ask why, you'd most likely say because of the poision mixed in the peanut butter and cracker. So regardless of if you use the poision straight or if you dress up the poision with the finest of food, it's going to kill the rat. In fact the dressed up poision will more then likely kill the rat quicker since the superficial wrappings will entice the rat to eat it quick then plain ol' poision by itself. So if we understand that principle why don't we understand what the word nigger and any of its derivatives does to our people?

The n-word is poision in any capacity, so will black folk keep it real and stop saying that a different spelling makes a negative word positive? If you say it because you want to say it black folks, fine (guilty as charged), but to say because you spell it a certain way changes it's meaning is silly as hell...don't think so?

What if someone says the word faggot spelled 'f-a-g-g-u-t' doesn't mean the same thing as if it's spelled normally, would you let people address you as faggut? hmmmmm food for thought.

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