Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Some Men Cheat

I get the infamous question "Why do men cheat" all the time so I've decided to answer it once and for all with a blog entry I posted some time ago on my BP page:

Ladies did you know that all kitty feels the same? From woman to woman there is nothing different about how it feels. Let me be clear, some are tighter then others, some are wetter, etc.; but structurally it's all the same. The muscles work the same way and stuff. The only thing that makes it seem different is how you ladies work it.

Now some men cheat on their girl's because they got a sample of what they think is something new that they think is better, but in all reality it's not new, she just moves and works it differently then what they might be used to. So these nuts go around looking for new women to get to have sex. It's so dumb because even if you find a women who works it real nice, over a period of time that will get old, and they'll be thinking it's time to get something new.

The real deal is that what they think they are looking for is new kitty, but what they are really looking for is something to fill a void within themselves. That means that something is lacking in their character leaving them empty, and so they try to cop all kinds of material things including women to make them feel better. It's only until a man looks inside himself to acknowledge the void within that he will better himself and understand that cheating isn't the answer.

If he truly wants something that will never get old he better find love. The physical action of sex will get old between two people but if the foundation of their relationship is built on love FIRST then that love will always keep the sex new.

Here's someone else's thoughts on the matter: