Sunday, October 16, 2011

Krumbsnatcha - Now in Stores!

Chambermusik Special Products



(of Gangstarr Foundation)

his upcoming street album "The Resurrection of tha Golden Wolf"

is dropping TODAY, October 4th on Chambermusik Special Products /Fat Beats Distribution

To listen to a clip sampler of the album:

Resurrection Sampler

Krumbsnatcha made his fame back in the 1990's as part of the legendary Gangstarr Foundation.
Mentored by the late Guru of Gangstarr, he debuted on the classic album "Moment of Truth", and
went on to perform on many recordings with Guru as well as albums under his own name. Hailing from
Massachusetts, he is also a member of the W.O.L.V.E.S. crew, thus the moniker of "Golden Wolf".
Recently joining up with the Wu-Tang Management team, he is now affiliated with Wu-Tang as well,
and this is his first outing as such. This album represents his resurrection as "King Solomon"
back from the Hip-Hop "Dead", as well as his first project since Guru's unfortunate passing last
year. Featured on this record are Dungeon Masta (Wu-Tang), Black Jesus (Gangstarr Foundation/Wu-
Tang), DJ JS-One, Hectic, Nuborn, Lex Boogie and none other than Guru himself on two tracks.
Production comes from the likes of Thorotracks, Nickel Plated, G-Clef da Mad Komposa, and more.


1. Bonita (prod. Nickel Plated)
2. W.A.R. ft. Guru & Sonic (prod. KS Productions)
3. 3-Wheel Motion ft. Hectic (prod. Kleph Dollaz)
4. Diamonds ft Nigel Hall (produced by Green Tank)
5. Do What I Gotta (prod. by S.C.)
6. Don't Give a What (prod. by Thorotracks)
7. Flyin Daggaz (prod. Mass Appeal)
8. Get 'Em (prod. Anno Domino)
9. If it was Up to Me (prod. KS Productions)
10. That's Life (prod. Mass Appeal)
11. Audi (prod. Mass Appeal)
12. This is Hip-Hop (prod. Mass Appeal)
13. This is Your Life (prod. Young Cee)
14. Don't Go Away ft. Nuborn (prod. Khrysis)
15. Krush ft. Lex Boogie (prod. Chico from Most Wanted Music)
16. Something About You ft. Nuborn (prod by Nickel Plated)
17. Like That ft. Dungeon Masta, A.G.R. (prod. Mass Appeal)
18. Losing Control ft. Guru (DJ Ron)
19. Luv You (prod. Thorotracks)
20. Wu-Tang 4 Eva (prod. Nickel Plated)
21. Blame it on Me (prod. KS Productions)
22. Greatness Unveils Righteous Understanding ft. Black Jesus & JS-1 (prod. G-Clef da Mad Komposa)






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