Monday, October 3, 2011

Would You Buy Your Momma A House

I just read an interesting article, and when you get a chance you should read it too. The idea behind the article and title of this blog entry is if you are successful and have money should it be your burden to help your family (immediate and/or extended)?

The article uses Terrell Owens as an example. He's been blessed with athletic abilities and talents that's made him millions in the NFL and allows him the means to take care of his intermediate family and kids. If you're blessed and can be a blessing to others, should your success automatically translate to you supporting friends, family (immediate and/or extended)? When is it right to help and should that help be continuous?

Personally I'd support my immediate family because they've always helped me....but as far as extended family, I'll leave it as this...If a family member asks for help I'll help them, but if they come back asking for more help I'll teach them how to help themselves.