Monday, October 3, 2011

Isaiah Mustafa Infuriates Black Folk

For many who might not know, Isaiah Mustafa is the black brother known for his funny Old Spice commercials. Recently he sent the internet in an uproar with comments he made during an interview with Giuliana Rancic on E! News.

The comments that landed him in hot water were in response to Giuliana's question about what he looks for in a relationship? He stated that whoever he ends up with has to have "good hair." Then commented on his own hair being "too nappy."

These comments had the internet in an uproar and Isaiah took to twitter to smooth things over,
"I want 2 apologize wholeheartedly 2 anyone out there who was offended or hurt by the irresponsible comments I made on E! News. #ignorant"
Personally I think the whole good hair vs nappy hair debate is foolish and needs to die along with the light skinned vs dark skinned nonsense; but I'm curious, is the reason people got upset really about the comments, or because they were made to someone outside of the black community on show that gets widespread attention?