Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teacher's Aide Tapes Student's Mouth Closed

An Athens, Georgia teacher's aide is in big trouble for taping a student's mouth closed with packing tape when the girl wouldn't be quite. The incident was immediately reported to school officials and the teacher's aide was put on leave. The Huffington Post reports:
"Although the little girl pulled the tape off within seconds, the classroom teacher reported the incident to school administrators.

School officials informed the child's parents of what had happened and the disciplinary actions they took.

Currently, Georgia is one of only 19 states that allow corporal punishment, but that could change soon, the Independent Mail reported. A bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of New York last week aims to ban "paddling, spanking, or other forms of physical punishment, however light, imposed upon a student."

Under the proposal, states that do not ban corporal punishment could face losing federal funding for their schools."