Monday, August 22, 2011

Fes Taylor
Fes Taylor
Just an early warning that Fes Taylor is coming back at you next week with a brand new release called "The Breaking Point". It's an ill combination of tracks featuring various artists from the last two years. Deck is all over it. So is Carlton Fisk! There are quite a few surefire bangers on this release, so get ready for Fes!


Tommy Whispers and Unspoken - Loudmoufs (click cover for more)

Tommy Whispers of T.M.F. and producer Unspoken joined forces to become the Loudmoufs. Together they created an album the old fashioned way: one emcee and one producer. Their chemistry can definitely be felt throughout the 17-track LP as Spoke crafted soulful beats that fit Tomahawk's style and voice perfectly. While Tommy is perfectly able to hold the album on his own his T.M.F. brothers Trife Diesel and Kryme Life came in for a reunion cut. Kryme assists Hawk on another joint to remind us that the HK album is coming. Price: $12 (CD), $9.99 (mp3)

Dainjamental - Awaken (click cover for more)

Recorded in 2000 'Awaken' is Dainjamental's seventh album in his throwback series. The artist formely known as Reble Dainja addresses a wide variety of topic on this 14-track LP from conspiracy theories to the Armageddon. Staten Island legend Stelf Bombz is featured on 5 tracks. Other guests include Khari Kill and Infinite Pro. This is actually the first chapter of a two-part album so be on the look out for part 2. Price: $9.99 (CD) , $7.99 (mp3)

Sha Stimuli / DJ Victorious - The Proposal (click cover for more)

Chambermusik artist Sha Stimuli and DJ Victorius are once again reunited to update their famous "The Breakup" mixtape with a sequal entitled "The Proposal". While this tape is mainly aimed at the ladies, there is plenty of lyrical introspection, wit, and braggadocio to entertain the purest of Hip-Hop Hedz. Production includes Clams Casino, Radio Maschine, Nubbz, Charli Brown and others. Price: $12 (CD)

Lost Children of Babylon - Tower of Babel (click cover for more)

Flavorful new mixtape/street album by those Philadelphia Hip-Hop Heretics we know and love called The Lost Children of Babylon. Originally affiliated with Jedi Mind Tricks, they have expanded into a lyrical army, many of whom are featured on here. For those listeners tired of the same-ole,same-ole you will love this tape, as it combines the best underground sounds of holycore, revolution, with a sprinkling of conspiracy rap. Featured are Rasul Allah, Richard Raw, Cosmic Crusader, Jon Murdock, Atun Sen Geb, Lex Starwind, and others. Price: $12 (CD)

J-Love - Egotistical Maniac (click cover for more)

Long awaited solo project from DJ J-Love, and this is a double CD banger! Featured on this one are a list of unbelievable Hip-Hop legends, like Ghostface Killah, Trife Diesel, Sean Price, Willie the Kid, Lad The Darkman, Meyhem Lauren, Killa Sha, Action Bronson, Kool G. Rap, Large Professor, Thirstin Howl III, Sadat X, Grand Daddy I.U., Solomon Childs, Wigs, Shyheim, and many others. Producers include Ayatollah, Large Professor, The Beat Nuts and more. Double CD! for $12

Solomon Childs - Wu-Tang 4 Life (click cover for more)

As both a young veteran of many Wu-Tang Projects, including most notably those by Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna, Solomon Childs (formerly Killa Bamz) has certainly come into his own. His gravelly voice and streetwise lyrics are Usually heard in a solo setting on Chambermusik, however with "Wu-Tang 4 Life", he shows an even wider array of skills when placed alongside several notable guests. Featured on this album are Sha Stimuli, Buddha Monk, Fes Taylor, Meyhem Lauren, Rassul Allah (L.C.O.B.), G-Clef da Mad Komposa, Darkskinned Assassin, and several other artists. 6 of the tracks are handled by G-Clef da Mad Komposa of Soul Kid Klik fame. Price: $10

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