Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RHWOA's New Housewife

Marlo Hampton is definitely the newest housewife to hit the Real Housewives franchise. Having no clue as to who the hell she is googled her and came up with a lil' sumthin' sumthin'.

Other then her NFL boyfriend or fiancee (or whatever) she ain't nobody. She's had her share of criminal activities (see mugshots below) and that's about it.

On a side note, has anyone noticed how on the predominately black RHWOA show, the housewives claim to fame is their famous hubby; none of them are self made successful black women? Not trying to turn this into a racial thing but those are the facts. On the other shows you have women like Bethany, Vicky, and Jill for instance who pretty much climbed the ladder of success themselves. As an Atlanta resident, I know without a doubt that there are some extremely successful black women who are self made and not relying on their hubby's riches...why aren't they on the show? But I digress...

Here are Ms. Hampton's mugshot for you nosey folks: