Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tonex Is Over Gospel Music

Tonex was a dope gospel singer who caught my attention when I saw him on the Apollo performing "Personal Jesus" and that live performance blew my mind. I immediately found his album and had it in rotation for a long time. After that album I started to notice his music was starting to change a little, and I happen to see a music video he put out from one of his albums after the one with "Personal Jesus" on it, and I have to say brother was looking fruity to me. He had a headband on, with some jeans that were shreaded from the knee down....I mean the look was real suspect to me.

Months passed by and I saw him on a gospel channel being interviewed and he was evaisively talking about getting a divorce from his wife. In the interview, once again he was looking real fruity to me. A few months after that he came out and said he was gay. Someone interviewed him about it and the only thing I really remember is him saying God made him that way and it's okay to be gay, quite the contradiction to what the Bible teaches; keep in mind Tonex at the time was still a minister.

Fast forward to today, and what do you see? Tonex has given up gospel music, his ministry and is now turning to secular entertainment.

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"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." -Matthew 7:20