Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paul "Doug" Peters Caught In The U.S.

A 50-year-old Australian man was arrested in the United States for an attack on an Aussie teen who had a fake bomb chained to her neck, police told the Associated Press.

The FBI and Australian police worked together to find Paul "Doug" Peters, who they arrested in Louisville, Kentucky the Associated Press reported.

An FBI SWAT team reportedly apprehended Peters at his ex-wife's home

The arrest came nearly two weeks after police said that a masked man broke into Madeleine Pulver's home in the middle of the day, chained the device on her and left a list of demands.

The Pulvers are one of Sydney's wealthiest families, according to Sky News, but said they had no idea why they were targeted.

"They are at a loss to explain why them, why this had happened to them as opposed to anyone else," Mark Murdoch, assistant commissioner of NSW state police told reporters at the time.

Peters had some links to the Pulver family but not a direct connection, Assistant Police Commissioner Dave Hudson told the Herald Sun.

Madeleine spent a terrifying 10 hours with the fake bomb around her neck before experts freed her – and determined it was all a ruse.

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